Meeting Your Written, Social Media, and Branding Needs.

Welcome! This site used to host my blog and the occasional announcement, but that’s shifting. Lately, I’ve seen a growing need for authors to brand themselves. Not their work, not their genre, but them as an author. This looks entirely different than branding a series and I’ve found by taking certain steps with social media, websites, and cross-promotions, authors are more successful. This also happens with small companies/presses.

For years I’ve assisted with social media for companies and individuals. What that looks like varies depending on the needs of the client, but this can include simple assistance with social media posting to aligning all online platforms to reflect the same theme, to making social media memes that fit different guidelines for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. The result is a clean look and feel, with consistent information.

I’m mostly putting company information on here as some of my individual clients prefer to stay anonymous. Below are some examples of memes I’ve made. You can find more of these under the Media Solutions tab.

For more information, please contact I will have detailed options available online soon, but for the time being I can be reached by email.

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